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Our new address is Unit 60, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ, United Kingdom.

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The One World Trust is an independent charity that conducts research, develops recommendations and advocates for reform to make policy and decision-making processes in global governance more accountable to the people they affect now and in the future, and to ensure that international laws are strengthened and applied equally to all. 

To achieve this we develop practical tools and recommendations in support of organisational reform, identifying gaps in the accountability of governance systems, and highlighting opportunities for cross-sector learning. 

Key to the effectiveness of our research and advocacy in all our strategic areas is the objectivity of our findings,and the constructive engagement with those whose efforts for reform we would like to support, including leaders, senior decision- and policy-makers and opinion-formers in global organisations, parliaments and governments, civil society organisations, and the media.

For 2011 – 2013 we will seek to realise the wider purpose of the organisation as described in our objects with research and the provision of services focusing on accountability, equity and justice in global governance. Access our 2011 - 2013 strategy here.

Our History and the Charter 99 for Global Democracy

Launching the Charter 99 for Global Democracy ahead of the 2000 Millennium Summit, the One World Trust challenged global organisations and decision-makers to take their responsibilities seriously and improve on their accountability to people they affect with their decisions. The essence of the Charter became the foundation of the current research programme of the Trust.

Established in 1951 by a cross-party group of UK Parliamentarians, the work of the One World Trust remains strongly informed by values of democracy, rule of law, human rights and mindful of its federalist heritage of thought.  When they first came together in 1947, the founders of the Trust shared concerns about the rise of nuclear armament, the need to rebuild societies, and a still fragile framework of international law and institutions after World War II. They founded, as one of the first of its kind the All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government (since 2007 APPG for World Governance) to promote the awareness and engagement of Parliamentarians in global governance, and to help the emerging United Nations and other global institutions to become democratic, accountable and transparent.

The One World Trust was soon after set up as a separate charity to promote research and educate the public about developments in relation global institutions and policy. Fully independent of Parliament and the APPG WG the One World Trust retains today good working relationships with a range of parliamentarians in the UK and worldwide to support our research and advocacy work. A detailed review of the past links between the One World Trust and the All Party Group, can be found here.


Charitable Status


The One World Trust is a registered charity (1134438) limited by guarantee. Access the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the One World Trust.




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