07 Oct 11

A Guide to the APRO Framework and Database: New Report and Video

By Michael Hammer

Credible research is of ever increasing importance in the formulation of public policy. It adds legitimacy and builds trust in the ability of decision makers to reach a well founded view of facts and analysis before reaching their conclusions, which will affect citizens on a wide scale.

Building on our 2008 report on an initial framework for accountability in policy oriented research, collaborative research with a set of research institutions across all continents, and the successful online d database of accountability tools for policy research, the One World Trust has just published two further key outputs.

1. a practical guide to the framework in its final form, and user support for accessing the database and searching for tools

2. a video guide to framework and database, which also provides background to the wider research project together with a visual walk-through of the website.

Key audiences for the project results are on the one hand researchers and research managers interested in reviewing and boosting their organisations’ ability to demonstrate up to date approaches to accountability, and realise key principles in their day to day work and projects, but also policy makers who work with the evidence produced by organisations that actively influence or just propose evidence for use in policy processes.

For more information please contact us at: apro@oneworldtrust.org.


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