Charte des ONG (NGO Charter)

Basic information

  • Host or sponsor: Umbrella organisation
  • Type: Code of Conduct/Ethics
  • Year established: 1997
  • Status: Inactive
  • Thematic area: Development, Humanitarian / emergency relief
  • Summary: The NGO Charter provides guidance on values, principles, and organisational structure to EU-based development NGOs. The Charter addresses principles such as social justice, equity and human rights, their non-profit nature, and commitment to public accountability and transparency, among others. Since the closure of CLONG, the Charter no longer has a secretariat.

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Contact details

  • Host organisation: Le Comité de liaison des ONG de développement auprès de l'Union européenne (no longer operational)
  • Acronym: CLONG

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Areas addressed

  • Principles or standards: Principles-based
  • Communications / advocacy / fundraising:
    • General commitment to transparency
  • Governance and Management:
    • General commitment to good governance
    • Board structure
  • Human resources:
    • Staff relations
    • Volunteer relations
  • Beneficiary / client / supporter participation:
    • General commitment to beneficiary participation
    • In project design
    • In implementation
    • In evaluation (ex post)
    • Financial reporting to beneficiaries / clients / supporters
  • Monitoring and Evaluation:
    • Impact evaluation
  • Cross-cutting thematic areas:
    • Gender equality
    • CSO collaboration and partnership

Further info: The NGO Charter also includes commitments to empowering Southern NGOs, sustainable development, and engaging both Southern representatives and North civil society in the development of policy positions.

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  • Reasons for participation
    • Membership requirement
    • Enhancing credibility, quality or reputation

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  • Monitoring mechanism: Commitment only

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The NGO Charter provides one of the earliest examples of CSOs working in the same thematic area (development) coming together to develop common norms and principles at a regional level. The Charter commits the sector to beneficiary engagement and good management and governance practices. Although CLONG, the sponsoring organisation, is no longer operational, the Charter still provides a common framework for cooperation between Northern and Southern NGOs and is still included in promotional material of several national umbrella organisaitons for development NGOs in Europe.

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NGDO Charter

Charte des ONGD

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