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The Global Accountability Report (GAR) presents an assessment of the accountability of the world's most powerful organisations to the people they affect. The Report analyses organisations from the intergovernmental, corporate and non-governmental sectors, according to four dimensions: transparency, participation, evaluation, and complaint and response mechanisms. The organisations are assessed on how they integrate key accountability principles into their organisational policies and the management systems. Together policies and systems make up an organisation’s accountability capability.


The Report is a unique initiative that identifies trailblazers and laggards, highlights specific areas of reform, and provides a global picture of accountability trends and challenges based on quantitative measurements. In doing so, it provides a common frame of reference on accountability and extends the basic principles of democracy to the global level.



For more information about this project, please contact Robert Whitfield


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“A report with an in depth benchmarking appraisal on a common framework on 30 organisations chosen on a rolling basis from three different sectors is of great interest and value. It takes on the challenge of working on common principles for organisations which are very different in the way they operate and how they see themselves. As such the Report is an important benchmarking and learning aid for every organisation, whether evaluated or not.”
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Anglo American plc


“Impunity thrives on ignorance. We have entered an age when specialists manage the truth in function of organisational interests. This authoritative report’s findings on the transparency of NGOs, corporations and inter-governmental organisations are disturbing. Rating powerful organisations against four ‘accountability capabilities’ is a courageous undertaking. One regrets that the Global Accountability Framework is applied to just thirty organisations annually. Tax-payers, consumers and victims of poverty and abuse the world-over have a right to such high-quality information on the myriad organisations affecting their daily lives.”
John Telford, Lead Author, Tsunami Evaluation Coalition Report



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