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One World Trust projects contribute to the understanding of how the accountability of global governance processes to people affected by them can be increased.


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Accountable Organisations


Global organisations affect people all around the world as never before, yet to many they remain distant, inaccessible and appear not to be listening to those they serve and affect. Our work to research and measure the accountability of organisations with global reach and influence aims to identify and publicise strengths and weaknesses in the accountability of global actors, demonstrate and define good accountability practice, enable cross-sector learning, and foster accountability reform of institutions involved in different ways in the provision of global public goods.  



Citizens and Democracy


Over the past two decades citizens have begun to explore and develop a multitude of new ways of claiming participation and space within the governance of processes that affect them at global and national level. Civil Society Organisations have emerged as major conduits for people’s interests in ways that complement and interact with formal democratic institutions such as Parliaments. Our work on accountability principles, regulation and self-regulation for CSOs, and on the effectiveness of Parliaments aims to strengthen the democratic power of citizens in national and global governance by ensuring that those who claim to represent and work for them do so effectively and on an accountable basis. 


Accountability in Research, Innovation and Advocacy


The increased exposure of policies and decisions made by governments to public scrutiny and review is raising the bar for those involved to demonstrate that they have made such decisions and policies on a basis that has the interests of the wider public at heart. Our work on accountability in the production of policy oriented research seeks to ensure that the research process remains sensitive to the situation of citizens who are affected by policy decisions built on evidence produced by such research. Similarly, we promote common accountability standards in lobbying and advocacy to help create a more level playing field for the engagement of actors from different backgrounds in the process of making policy.



Global Environmental Governance and Human Security


The slow progress of responses to climate change and other threats to human security such as armed conflict and global poverty and inequality, shows that the current global governance system is struggling to meet its obligations to citizens. Through research on accountability, equity and justice in global environmental governance and the evolving norm of the responsibility to protect we seek to gain a more detailed understanding of the institutional and paradigmatic bottlenecks in the world’s approach to solving major challenges and propose ways forward for a more effective global system to address human security issues. 




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